ECELS has a New Health and Safety Website

Explore the ECELS revised and updated website at ECELS invites you to enjoy the familiar and the new functions. Open the attachment to view this message with images of the screen views described in this message. The main feature on our Home Page is a rotating set of pictures, each with a topic description and an arrow that takes you to a list of items related to that topic. Click on the boxes under the arrow to explore all 10 topics. A different topic may appear each time you visit the website.

Note the menu bar at the top of every page on the website. This is where you will see the titles of the main categories for all the items on the website: Publications, Professional Development/Training, Tools, Resources, About ECELS, Contact Us and the Home command that takes you back to the home page. You can select one of these categories from any page on the website. Use the online Self-Learning Modules; request a workshop or available materials to order on the new website.

Be sure to look for and click on the gold button that says "Sign up for ECELS E-Mail Alert." Even if you signed up on the old website, you need to sign up on the new website. This new e-mail tool will allow you to edit your information whenever it changes. ECELS sends an E-Mail Alert whenever you need to know some information right away.

Any website user may download, and print the health and safety materials or share them electronically, as long as you say that ECELS is the source and do not change anything in them. Use this citation: ', accessed [insert date] with permission.'

Susan S. Aronson MD FAAP – ECELS Pediatric Advisor and Webmaster